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Change is the one process that everyone seems to hate at first.  Some may complain in the beginning, say it will not work, ask why, or just flat out deny the process.  Why is it that people HATE change?  I ask myself that often… Is it because it takes what may have been “known” as regular or normal and creates a new pattern in life or possibly a new starting point.  Maybe because the process of change makes more people uncomfortable and some feel like giving up.  What if you could see into the future, but only the future of the changed behavior?  Would you still go through the change seeing a clear path to the ultimate goal?

The Process

Well change is among us no matter what job field, marital status, fitness level, grade or even age.  The process has been made harder by US telling ourselves that we don’t want the change instead of embracing it and working through it.  As they say in fitness “Trust the process”.  Trusting the process can mean maintaining a positive attitude, seeking spiritual guidance, changing the circle of friends or change the atmosphere and/or environment that you frequent.  The process can make you uncomfortable but if it was comfortable everyone would invite change in with open arms.

100% Dedication

I know it’s hard!!! The struggle is REAL!!  But for change to be effective you must be ALL IN.  Following the path that is outlined and working towards your ultimate goal.  I know the finish line is soooo far ahead and the road traveled has rocks, hills, storms, and even non supportive people.  But when you get there just know the rewards will be worth the trouble!


POW you did it.  Change is looking better and better on you every day.  You got a new pep in your step, speaking positive affirmations to others, putting a smile on your face or simplifying paying it forward!! You will no longer look back at what you used to be and look forward to what you are now! I challenge you to do a 30 day transition of change!! No matter how big or small the item is that requires change it lets get it done in 30 days.  Time to work!

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