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Getting in the gym

Welcome 2016!!!! It’s that time of the year when almost everyone has a new year’s resolution.  I have them every year and never stick to them.   I start out strong in the resolution phase of things and then I lose my drive due to a lack of focusing or just loss of interest.  One resolution that I have been able to stick with for a little over a year was staying in shape.  It was a struggle at first trying to develop a consistent schedule for my mind and body.  But once my mind and body were on the same page I begin to develop a routine that would help me stay faithful to the one resolution that means the most to me.

Gym time for me is an hour or two that I can focus on things outside of work and family.  The gym and my gym partners provide me with support that is needed to endure the workout no matter how hard or time consuming it may be. We are able to meet goals that we never thought we would have or even make an attempt to build on something, that would later become a part of the daily routine.

Motivation is one element that is very important getting in the gym.  Having a great support system of people who may not have the same fitness goals (weight loss or strength training) but have the same understanding of the benefits of working out.  One thing that I had to remember is that the results will not come overnight.  You have to stay dedicated to the workout and meal plan in order to see the results.

Results come with time!  Rome was not built overnight and remembering that your body may look the same for a small time period before you see or feel any changes is very important.   Don’t be discouraged because things are not moving fast.  Pace yourself, stay motivated, stay dedicated, and remember that this is your journey and you decide the destination.

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