Transformers Fitness | Getting ready for summer only?
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Getting ready for summer only?

Well I have heard this common phase from lot of people lately, “I’m working out to get ready for summer”.  When I hear that I get worried because the only focus is to look good in the summer time but what about all the other seasons? Is your goal not to just be healthy for life or just so people can see you in a swimming suit, without a shirt, or in a pair of shorts? When summer is over and it is time to put sweat pants on and a coat does that stop your efforts to be healthy. Sure sounds like it to me.  I am not trying to be negative but there needs to be a better reason to get in shape besides the summer!!!

Has it ever occurred to you the influence you may have on friends, family or even your kids? Instill the importance of staying healthy for you entire life is far more IMPORTANT than just trying to show off for a season.  From a consumer perspective as I have had a personal trainer before it was very important that we are not working toward a TEMPORARY FIX (such as summer time) but a long term goal such as improving the quality of life for a lifetime.  When a person wants to regress back to the old behavior it shows that they are not really ready for a change.

Just like anything else in life that requires effort staying healthy at the top of the list.  When you decide to make the change make sure that you have people behind you just don’t want the SUMMER fix but a lifetime fix.    Beware of the naysayers, fitness programs, or even trainers that will have you look great for summer only but when winter hits they are nowhere to be found.

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