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I just want to have fun!

With 60+ degree temps outside, who wants to be in the gym? No one!

No one wants to be in the gym when the sun is out and the temperature is perfect. How do you fight the urge to just go play?

First thing you do is stay committed to your schedule, the best thing about this time is year is that we have a few more hours of sunlight. So you can still get in the gym, hit your workout and get outside and have a good time. One of my favorite things to do in early spring last year was to go sit out side of Fusion with my sushi after my workout. That way I had my workout and I had my fun.

Another great way to stay committed and enjoy the beautiful days is to do an outdoor workout. Is it a cardio day for you? Go out for walk, run or bike ride? Are you trying for an upcoming, 5k, 10, or marathon? What better way to check your progress to get outdoors? The other great thing about working out outside is all of the non-traditional possibilities. Hanging out and playing with the kids or just a nice walk to explore nature as the flowers begin to bloom.

This is also the kick in the butt that we all need to remind us that that time of year where we wear less is upon us. Everybody wants a summer body but you have to work for it. Have you put in all the work you needed?

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