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It’s only about YOU

If there is nothing else that you get from my blogs I want you to get this one thing! It’s about YOU and only YOU.

It’s not about the other people in the gym and what you see them doing. It’s not about the other people who you know that are working out. It’s not about the trainers who claim to love what they do but stay saying discouraging things to clients and potential clients via social. It’s not about your significant or non-significant other.

When you wake up in the morning and go to bed at night, you are the only one who has to live in your skin so do it for you.

  1. Learn what makes you tick.
    It wasn’t until 2016 that I learned how stress affects me. Trying to internalize things just sent me off the deep in. I was over it and anyone that was directly correlated with my stress just agitated that feeling just by their presence. How does this have anything to do with fitness? I allowed others to live in my mind by allowing the stress to consume me. Once it had me I said forget all the rules. I did nothing I was supposed to do. The few things I had control over was what I ate and drank. I remember eating things that I didn’t even want and ultimately didn’t even taste great because I was rebelling. Once I realized this, it was game over. I realized I have to find a new coping mechanism.
  2. What inspires you?
    For me it’s goals and achieving them. I have to have something to work for. There has to be a destination or the whole thing is useless.
  3. Understand your body.
    This probably should be #1. No one actually knows how you feel other than you. So you have to understand. One of the things that will get me to walk away from a ‘fitness trainer/ instructor’ is attempting to tell me what I am feeling. I know the difference between soreness and pain. I know the difference between a ‘pain’ I should work through and when I should stop. Admittedly my situation is somewhat different and my private nature means I only give you what I want you to have. Don’t ask me why. If I ask you for a modification for an exercise I normally do, just give it to me. If I ask for a modification, give it to me. Clearly I still want to work out. If I didn’t trust me, I will leave. Most importantly don’t tell me what anyone else did because unless we are in a competition at this moment I don’t care.

Instead of encouraging one another it’s a constant competition of who can do more. I don’t care how many you can do cause your reps won’t give me muscles. I care how many you do because I want you to be great. If we are working out together I do want you to push yourself but I don’t understand the point of doing something if it doesn’t challenge you. So yes, I will push you. BUT I will also respect your limits.

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