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Struggles = Shambles

Okay that may be a little dramatic but that’s how these fitness struggles tend to make me feel, like my entire life is in shambles.

Disclaimer: These are MY struggles and I will no glorify them and make them pretty. I am going to give it to you straight, no chaser like my Hen. 

Below you will find my 3 major struggles.

  1. Doing it for the gram…
    This has to be my all time largest struggle. Actually it’s not mine, it is other people’s struggle with my journey. I like taking pictures as much as the next person, maybe even more. What I do not understand is the need to post every workout or every meal for the world. I am not doing this for anyone else or the validation. I am doing this for me. As a spectator, I don’t care! As a person living the lifestyle, I care even less. Why? Because at the end of the day you are still showing the world what you want to show them. Showing every healthy meal doesn’t mean that you aren’t eating bad ones. Showing every workout doesn’t mean that I am a slacker on the days that I don’t work out. Most importantly it puts a lot of emphasis on what other people think and feel about your journey. It is a place for validation. That right there is just not me! I don’t need anyone else’s validation on my journey because it is MY journey. No one wants to hear this but every day is not easy or fun and I feel like if I am not going to show you those days than I don’t need to show you all of the highs either. Now am I saying that I never post, absolutely not! When I hit new PRs or just to not be the Debbie downer I hop in pictures when people ask but I could do this entire journey without ever posting a pic and be cool. Shambles…

    LeKeisha Grant 40lbs down 12.31.14 - 6.26.15

    LeKeisha Grant
    40lbs down
    12.31.14 – 6.26.15

  2. Comparison…
    In all aspects of life comparison is the devil. I am not her, and she is not me. Plainly, do not base your journey on what the next person is doing. Someone may lose 30lbs in 3 months, someone else may lose 30lbs in a year. What’s the important part? Both people lost 30 pounds not the who did it quicker. I will continue to emphasize that this is your journey, don’t worry about the next person. In many cases you can become discouraged and fall off versus allowing their success to encourage you.  Still shambles…
  3. Food…
    Listen to me! I love me some food. Healthy and unhealthy, I like to eat. Where do I fail with food? Preparation and desire. I work from home, so I seldom meal prep. This is fine for the average day of working from home. It is the days that I end up spending more time out than I expected that I struggle. Then there is my desire to eat. Even though I love food I can easily go 8 hours in the middle of the day without eating. I know this is terrible but it is my reality. When I started using MFP I began to realize that some days I was barely eating 1200 calories and then there were other days that I might eat 4k. Those 4k days usually followed a few days of my being under 1200 calories. I would wake up starving and no matter how much I ate I would be hungry again in like 30 minutes. I would do my best to force myself not to eat but drinking water and maybe a light snack but in the same respect I was starving, so the meals would be heavier. I am now working to see what keeps me more accountable between MFP and a physical journal. As much as I love technology, there are some things are better with pen to paper. More shambles…

So I know those who really know me are reading this and laughing as they have heard me complain about these things . For those who have never met me, you may be reading this like why in the world are you apart of transformers. I’ll tell you why. I love the lifestyle. As with anything else you have things that you dislike, you have things that you struggle with. I felt that because this month we are discussing struggles it would be best for me to be brutally honest versus sugar coating this for you. These are my real struggles. These are the reasons that I sometimes feel like my fitness life is in shambles.

One thing I have to emphasize and I will continue to do so. Define your goals and do this for you! Other people can always find a reason for you to do something different but other people don’t walk around in your body or wear your clothes.

I challenge you, to be you… unapologetically!

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