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The Scale!!!!

Hi my name is Rachel,  and the scale and I, have a love/ hate relationship. Yes the scale, the one item that everyone who is on a fitness journey either loves or hates at any given time.  My personal confession… Well let’s just say that I would have a private meeting with the scale every 3 days or so just to check my progress in the very beginning of my journey.  There were really good days and then there were really bad days.  When I say bad days I’m thinking about how the number either stayed the same or went higher.  That automatically caused me some confusion especially when I thought I had a great week, well a great 3 days in some cases.  I would try to remember what I ate for the week or if my fitness schedule was good.  When I could not figure out why the scale was not nice to me I would put it back behind the door and tell myself there is always tomorrow.  Oh yes, I said tomorrow! Well yes, of course because that was a new day and another opportunity for me to work harder. I’m sure that reading this will cause people to have some different reactions.  But I tell you the truth when I say me and that scale had a love/ hate relationship.

Let’s fast forward to today and how I now treat the scale.  I have a better understanding of scale watching and how the number on the scale should not determine how well you are doing.  When I told some of my fitness partners how I scale watch, oh did they change the way I look at the scale. One even told me she was going to come to my house and take all of them (meaning I have several).  “Stay off the scale” is what they used to tell me all the time. And it took a long time for me to do that, but I am working on being better at it.

I no longer dread looking at the scale because I have learned that my body is still under construction.  Praise to the non-scale victories!!! Every inch lost, every new record broken, every new goal set, and every change made to your body is a victory. Write it down and keep track of it.  The journey of fitness is a learning experience for everyone.

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