Transformers Fitness | Week 2- 30 Days of Transformation
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Week 2- 30 Days of Transformation

We have a terrible habit of judgement. We see the person who is new to the gym with no clue and think, “they really need help.” Then we don’t help them. We see the person in the gym doing what appears to be too much or too little and instead of offering assistance, we imitate them.

We then go on to make trainers, Gods and doctors. Go to the doctor, work hard to commit to a lifestyle. Understand in the beginning that there may be setbacks. Setbacks will happen and it is okay. What’s not okay is ignoring that fact that it happened.

I started writing this a while ago and forgot. I had a setback and I told you guys about it in my week 1, gained 15 pounds. I knew I was but I was in denial about how much until one day I went to put on my favorite jeans and they wouldn’t zip. Hold on a second… So I have been working on my eating again since I have had some significant body setbacks in terms of ailments and pain recently. Not being able to really go as hard as I would like on my cardio has me concerned about my progress because I am not a scale girl and I have many miles to go with this whole food thing. But to put my jeans on, on Sunday for the goal clothing and they fit was a major key.

I’m still in an extremely stressful place and I am a stress eater. The intensity of my stress determines if I don’t eat at all or if I have really bad cravings. I’m trying to make sure that I make as many good decisions as possible and I am putting myself on an eating schedule again. Sometimes you just have to go back to the basics of what works. So here I am, not drinking my sweet tea(I have a real life addiction to it, no self control), drinking my gallon a day and eating 4-6 times a day. My next adjustment is my cardio time. I am still working to get more of that into my schedule. I seldom get to workout during class. I remove myself so that everyone else gets the opportunity and space to work out, meaning I have to add something else into my schedule. This week is a HIIT workout that I can do in my living room. I’ll see what changes we see next week and if that will be enough or do I need to add something else in there.

Be ambitious, work on your transformation and remember this whole journey is all about YOU!

3 ways to get, commit and stay in the gym

  1. Set your schedule: start with 1 day if necessary and work your way up to a solid 3-5.
  2. Set your standard
  3. Learn your body
  4. Do what you like
  5. Define accountability
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