Transformers Fitness | Why I treat my gym time like a non-negotiable
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Why I treat my gym time like a non-negotiable

It’s January and everyone is going to the gym. It’s that time of the year where new year’s resolutions are either surviving or becoming a not so distant memory.

When it comes to my schedule my regular gym time is a non-negotiable part of the availability discussion. I have it in my schedule as I do any other meeting or appointment. It is time for Me! In most cases I get strange looks when people are asking me about a certain time and I say no that is my gym time or my training time. We respect each other’s hair, nail and barber appointments so why is it okay to ask someone to skip the gym?

The other reason I have to do this is for me. Most days I am not motivated to work out before I arrive or even when I first arrive. I want to sleep, I want to eat (I always want to eat), I want to go to this event, it’s cold outside or I just want to sit on my couch. Not one of those things will help me get this last 50+ pounds off that I want of, so I have to make it work. Once I get there, I must put in work. I know that about myself. After that first rep of that first set, I’m all in. If I allowed myself to just go whenever, I would never go. One of the above reasons would come into play and I would achieve nothing. IMG_0267

This is for you! Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain weight or to maintain and sculpt, you have to find time to actually achieve that goal. Be realistic, you didn’t gain 20 pounds in two weeks so it’s not going to come off in two next. Be deliberate and be consistent.

5 things you have to do for yourself on this journey

  1. Do not compete with someone else, it’s all about you.
  2. Find people who support you and will hold you accountable.
  3. REST! Your body needs rest and most importantly if you fail to rest and get injured you are completely out of the game.
  4. Learn your body and listen to it. (Only you know the difference between pain because you are hurting yourself and the sweet feeling of working hard and feeling muscle soreness.)
  5. Set real goals. When you approach this thing without a goal you can become addicted to results. All of those results may not be what is best for you. You are not going to be in a constant weight loss phase, eventually you should hit that goal. Then what is next? Maintenance? Strength?
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